Kickstart your self-love journey with this mini self-love challenge.


Be with positive people

Think of 3 people in your life who lift your mood, make you feel inspired and are supportive of your endeavours. Consciously plan to meet or communicate with them more often. Schedule a coffee meetup or chat with one of them today.


30 Minutes of ‘Me-time’

Your best ideas + solutions come to mind when you some spend time in solitude. Allocate 30-60 minutes of solitude time today. Take a long walk, sit in a park or spend time with yourself alone at home. One rule though: you have to be free of tech devices. You will notice solutions to problems or inspired actions pop into your mind.


Get inspired!

Today is time for you to feel optimistic + inspired about your goals. Choose an uplifting podcast or audiobook to listen to. If you prefer visuals, read motivating articles or stream motivating videos on Youtube. It is best if you can make this a daily habit! Set aside 30-60 minutes of time to get inspired everyday.

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