The Fragility of the Communication Framework of Social Determinants of Health

Introduction The framework of social determinants of health continues to dictate the policies supporting the implementation of community health programs. As a result, vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly and people of color have been socially excluded and prone to be subjected to racial discrimination. Though the intent of the Census Bureau was to […]

Global Political Economies of Social Injustice in Global Health

Introduction The main principle of social justice on equity is not entrenched in the policies of political governance. Social justice in theory is a conceptual framework to help us unveil the underlying causes of inequity. As such, socioeconomically disadvantaged people such as women, children and other social groups are placed in positions with limited capabilities. […]

Vulnerable Communities at the Cusp of Marginal Exclusion

Introduction¬† Justice principles to population health inequities are supported by social paradigms embedded in stratified systems. Social Inclusion is a figment of the imagination to many left desolate from hierarchical systems that assume no responsibility for their lack of advocacy for the most vulnerable. Albeit, several organizations exist to address these various inequities using a […]

Food Insecurity: Is Globalization worsening Social Injustices in Vulnerable Communities?

Introduction Social research has its methodological  limitations in context to evaluating social determinants and health deterrents among various social groups. There are no prescribed all- encompassing questions to measure the cumulative impact of these determinants on population health. Instead, researchers must contend and critically scrutinize the systematic process employed in those research studies. Clearly, capital […]

Reconciliation of Social Ideologies Shaping Structural Inequalities in Global Communities

Introduction Social class can determine the level of discrimination to be faced in a society with health inequities. However, attempts are constantly in development to address to reduce the stigma of mental health or to increase community partnerships in order to provide tangible solutions to these human rights violations. In fact, structural inequities are reinforced […]