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Venchele Saint Dic is a freelance writer, author & editor based in the states. I like the various ways people communicate and connect, such as text, books, letters, media content, pictures, sites, and so on. I enjoy helping aspiring authors, editors and businesses find their confidence in their writing abilities to publish on different platforms. 


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Venchele Saint Dic is the author of Journey to Redemption and Faith in the Amazon Best-selling book Passport to Self-Discovery Volume 2. She is the Founder of MESFAMI Care Inc. She has demonstrated leadership and innovation in public health, health equity, communications, public outreach, social inclusion and diversity, among many others.

Venchele is an experienced writer, editor and native French speaker, a cognate education in Public Health with over 8 years of experience. Her focus is to improve accessibility to health services while supporting education, economic empowerment and counseling as critical building blocks which empower families to survive and thrive through life changing events. MESFAMI Care Inc. facilitates community institutions by voluntarily supporting families with the knowledge, skills and services required to survive in changing social, and economic environments.

Her writing include subjects on public health, resilience, communication skills, assertiveness, personal development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Travel, community health, mental health, relationships, culture, race, customer service and health systems. Her past writing stories have been included on The Good Men Project, The National Medical Association, Harness Magazine, YMK The Creative Guru, Black News, The Minority Business Finance Scoop, The Above Ground Railroad, BlackOwnedandOperated, Greater Diversity News, Southeast Queens Scoop, BlackNewsZone, The Peace Corps Press Release, DMV Daily, BlackState, Thrive Global, Gratitude Circle, Medium, LinkedIn, and the newsletter of Peace Corps Senegal, Simmons College and Friends of the Library Montgomery County. Additional information on the nature of her work can be found on her Author profile at amazon.com/author/venchelesaintdic.

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Meet the Writing Coach Helping Black Authors to Write Best-Selling Books

Venchele Saint Dic, founder and CEO of Pathway Coach Writing, has introduced an entire suite of services - coaching, writing and editing - to help aspiring authors and businesses who want to write a bestselling book.

Divorce burnout: Effects on divorcees and their future relationships

The sorrow felt when reading on the number of divorces leaves you with nothing short of blaring emotions. A divorce leaves you drained in an uphill battle without end with dried air in your lungs. During the pandemic, it has been difficult for singles to engage in face-to-face interactions. Social engagement via Zoom conferences cushions the aura of a personal touch. Essentially, it is hard to date during a period of great turbulence in our daily lives.

Black Women in Prison & Children of the Incarcerated

Adverse childhood experience (ACE) conceptualizes the confined space children are trapped once they have they have had a parent incarcerated. As a result of the incarceration, children and parents experience an irreparable loss of relationship, social status and displacement.

Effects of Racism on Economic Disenfranchisement in Vulnerable Communities

In the film Unnatural Causes: “In Sickness and Wealth”(2018), an explanation of prejudice is penned from the angle of extrinsic and intrinsic religion. Though Dr. Williams explained that extrinsic religion eschews persons who are more prejudiced than those who embrace intrinsic religion; the film is dissimilar to the other forms of media I have observed because of its objective and evidence-based comparative analysis of the broad and specific factors that cushion health disparities...

Homelessness and Forced Migrants in the Global Economy

Infectious diseases claim the lives of communities who cannot afford medical treatment. In other words, even if forced migrants are persecuted for their ethnic, religious, racial, nationality or political and social affiliations, the homeless are also excluded from the political debate on how pervasive health partisanship can be remediated. The report aims to explore closely the skewed perceptions justifying the neglect of the homeless and forced migrants who share similar paths of internal displacement due to restrictions imposed on them to access care.

Embracing The Hustle of Building a Business

Building a business takes more courage and mental wherewithal than working a full-time job. Some may enjoy performing a variety of tasks in their regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Providing Quality Customer Service with a Touch of Mindfulness

Customer service is the litmus test of companies' motivations to improve the delivery of services to clients or stakeholders...

The Struggle of Black Men With Mental Health Stigma

Black men are one of the most neglected group of individuals in regards to mental health...

The Miseducation of Colorism in America

My exposure to white privilege started when I came to the U.S. In the Caribbean at-large, colorism is manifested in varying degrees from the manner in which some receive preferential treatment than others based on the shade of their skin. The Oxford English Dictionary cites that Colorism is the act of being prejudice or discriminatory against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically against people of the same ethnic or racial group. At first the usual feeling of being frowned upon or looked at differently from my peers went undetectable throughout middle school...

Ancestral Freedom From Bondage: Reclaiming Lost Roots

Should I be thankful to my oppressors I can claim them as being part of my heritage?

Code-Switching: The Role of Communication in Cultural Identity by Venchele Saint Dic

Growing up in two countries was not always easy because, at the time, I didn’t understand the effects code switching would have on my cultural identity in the US. Over the course of my life, I have lived in 3 different continents and speak 6 languages. When you are accustomed to navigating different cultures, it can be hard to differentiate between the truths and illusions of code-switching...

The role of buy-in for community health

When I decided to undertake a career in public health at the age of 20, I never thought it would land me in a job developing community programs in rural areas. I got my first exposure to community planning when I served as a volunteer in Senegal, West Africa.

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