Proposed Rule Response to HIPAA Privacy Rule to support and remove barriers to Coordinated Care and Individual Engagement.

National Association of ACOs 601 13th Street, NW, Suite 900 South Washington, DC 20005 | 202-640-1985 April 9, 2021  Marissa Gordon-Nguyen Administrator Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) 200 Independence Ave SW Washington, DC 20201  RE: Transparency in Disclosure of PHI (HHS–OCR–0945–AA00)  Dear Ms. Nguyen:  The National Association of Accountable […]

The Public Option’s Affordability Appeal for Uninsured Populations and Medicare Recipients

Policy Brief The Public Option’s Affordability Appeal for Uninsured Populations and Medicare Recipients  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  The public option allows Americans to choose between public and private health insurance and employer-based insurance in the marketplace. However, the decreasing number of enrollees attracted a growing interest in the public option. This health insurance offers broad choices to […]

3 Day Self-Love Challenge

Kickstart your self-love journey with this mini self-love challenge. DAY 1 Be with positive people Think of 3 people in your life who lift your mood, make you feel inspired and are supportive of your endeavours. Consciously plan to meet or communicate with them more often. Schedule a coffee meetup or chat with one of […]

Food Insecurity: Is Globalization worsening Social Injustices in Vulnerable Communities?

Introduction Social research has its methodological  limitations in context to evaluating social determinants and health deterrents among various social groups. There are no prescribed all- encompassing questions to measure the cumulative impact of these determinants on population health. Instead, researchers must contend and critically scrutinize the systematic process employed in those research studies. Clearly, capital […]