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3 reviews for Bundle Pro Package

  1. Queen Jaks (verified owner)

    Our meeting was very valuable! There was a clear plan laid out and full transparency regarding expectations from both parties. I felt comfortable discussing my research and ideas to effectively communicate my research with others. I’m excited and feel ready to move forward and enhance my book writing skills with Pathway Coach Writing!

    Thank You,

    Queen Jaks

  2. Suzanne Woodard

    I was remiss in not letting you know how much you expanded my thoughts about writing the book. I have been wrestling with the challenging questions you posed such as “what is my purpose in writing the book, in what form do I want the story to be told (podcast, children’s book,etc.) and do I want to change the names of any persons referenced”. I also loved the ideas of having a pen and paper on the nightstand, to capture ideas when they are given. I find that when I’ve been stuck in the past, such as writing for a presentation, God has given me the words, always right on time. I know He will show me how to accomplish His purpose in this writing because He promises “a hope and a future.” Thank you for executing the calling He has given you, so well.


  3. Maren Benn (verified owner)

    Venchele is an awesome writing coach. She is not only excellent editor, but she is also very knowledgeable about the topic I am writing about. So glad she is helping me. I cannot wait to the finish product!!!

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Writing & Editing

Stories have a clear beginning, middle and end. Pathway Coach Writing aims to provide a compass to aspiring authors. The art of writing requires to find your anchor in order to write your narrative. Writers inform, entertain and persuade audiences through their narratives. We enjoy assisting writers to shape their narrative, brainstorming, cull words to improve information flow (i.e. documentaries, nonfiction, news articles, fiction, memoirs, novels) while keeping the audience in mind. Pathway Coach Writing seeks to guide you through the process in a meaningful way to write your narrative from the beginning to the end.


During coaching sessions, writers are engaged in substantive reflection through a series of insightful questions and exercises to gain an understanding of the writing journey you are embarking on. Questions aim to evoke discovery, insight, commitment or action. At the helm of the writing journey, Pathway Coach Writing supports writers to identify strengths and areas of improvement. Feedback is mostly facilitative and is invoked for greater understanding, awareness, and clarity every step of the way. Growth is always the direction we should be heading. Therefore, Pathway Coach Writing assist writers to experience personal growth, improve their confidence and see their writing from a new mindset.

Pathway Coach Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching sessions involve gaining a better understanding of your needs as a client. Session length depends on the service chosen. Coaching commitments generally range from 3-6 months depending on the types of writing projects submitted.

Prior to each session, clients are asked to prepare and submit a feedback form to the coach. This form lists what clients did during the past week, feedback from the coach on recommendations discussed in the last session, new information clients would want to work on during the current session and how they are feeling at that time on scheduled action items. Toward the end of the sessions, the coach and client decide together what actions will be taken during the week based on that day’s topic.

The deadline for writing revisions will vary based on the nature of the work (i.e. a manuscript versus a one page document), and the length of time needed to complete the revisions. Clients will be informed on the deadline for the revisions during the coaching sessions.

Clients must submit requests two to three weeks before the deadline of their writing projects. For writing projects requiring extensive work (+100 pages), they need to be submitted 3-6 months before the deadline. It is important to state the deadline for all writing projects in the subject line of the email correspondence.

The guidelines and writing projects must be submitted in a Word document to

Clients may contact the coach by email (anytime) or by telephone (by appointment). We understand that most of the learning, growth and results occur between the coaching sessions. Therefore, clients are strongly encouraged to send questions which will be answered in the order received via email.

The coaching sessions will be conducted online via Zoom conference. The Zoom conference app can be downloaded via  The schedule, cost, and convenience are mutually agreed by the coach and client. It is important that coaches secure a space not subject to disruption during sessions.

Yes, Pathway Coach Writing accepts students’ writing projects. Prices will vary depending on the services requested on the website. Students must follow the instructions for submitting work to

Revisions will be submitted to the email address used for the original submission in a Word document including track changes and comments for discussion during coaching sessions.

When you take part in the coaching and writing services, you will gain insight on improving your writing through customized recommendations.

Clients must submit their name, email address, phone number, writing guidelines, project deadline, and any information deemed relevant for the project for reference. The coach will follow-up with questions if clarification is needed to complete the project.

  • Copyediting or Line Editing: Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage; Checking for consistent style and format throughout the documents; Cross-checking references, art, figures, tables and other features for their consistency in the text.
  • Content Writing: Reading for overall clarity in respect to the prospective audience; Preparing writing projects from initial concept, outline, or draft (or some combination of the three) to the next stage of the publication process; Making suggestions about content, organization and presentation based on other appropriate references; Rewriting, writing, and researching as needed; Providing information about pertinent topics for consideration of authors.
  • Substantive Editing: Writing or rewriting segments of documents to improve readability and flow of information. Incorporating responses to inquiries and suggestions to create a new draft of the document for discussion.
  • Proofreading: Marking discrepancies in text, page makeup, layout, separation, or type.

There is not a word limit to the writing projects accepted at Pathway Coach Writing. The rate and fees per package are outlined on the website.

You can schedule one hour slots in my google calendar for coaching and writing services. Once the date and time is confirmed by the coach, you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom conference meeting invite. If you are arriving late, please notify the coach as early as possible. Sessions end promptly at the scheduled time.

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